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The Larry Rivers Film and video Archive contains numerous interviews, projects, movies and events that together constitute well over 500 hours of film and video. Rivers demonstrates an over 50 year interest in film with staring roles in Rudy Burckhardt’s 1950 film, “Mounting Tension” and as “Milo” in Robert Frank and Al Leslie’s 1959 film “Pull My Daisy”. By the late 60’s Rivers was traveling to Africa with Pierre Gaisseau to film the NBC Documentary “Africa and I”. Over the next 30 years Rivers turned his cameras on a broad range of subjects, including in depth explorations of the WPA, gay rights and artists rights in Russia during the cold war. He documented hours of late night sessions with some of his more famous friends, and continued to push the limits of  “what was allowable subject matter” by making movies such as the highly controversial “Tits”,  “Stevens New Job” , “False Vagina” and “Abby’s Vasectomy”; a politically poignant and  intimate exploration of Abby Hoffman’s quest for a Vasectomy. With countless more titles, a broad range of famous personalities and hours of provocative exploration, The Larry Rivers Archive offers tremendous information and insight from one of the more inquisitive artists of the 20th century.


The following is a short list, in alphabetical order of some of the people who appear in the archive.


Abraham Beame

Peter Beard

Lenny Bocour

Jim Carrol

Dorothy Dainer

Willem De Kooning

Niki De Saint Phalle

Henry Geldzahler

Tatyana Grossman

Abby Hoffman

William Holden


Bianca Jagger

Alex Katz

Ed Koch

Lee Krasner

Phoebe Leger

David C. Levy

Richard Lindner

David Maysles

Alice Neel

Harold Rosenberg

Muriel Rukeyser

Terry Southern

Andy Warhol

Arnold Weinstein




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