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May 28th – July 31st 2009


Tibor de Nagy Gallery
724 Fifth Avenue, between 56th - 57th
streets 12th floor
NYC, NY 10019

The Larry Rivers Foundation is pleased to announce that Tibor de Nagy Gallery will present an exhibition of Larry’s work from the 1950s and 1960s.

Many of the works in the show will be on loan from private or public collections and in some cases haven’t been exhibited publicly in years. This marks the first gallery exhibition to focus exclusively on Larry’s early work since his passing in 2002. We ask you to join us as we celebrate the first solo exhibition of Larry Rivers work with Tibor de Nagy Gallery in over 40 years.

December 2008

The Larry Rivers Foundation in accord with the Estate of Larry
Rivers is pleased to announce a renewed affiliation with
Tibor de Nagy Gallery.

In 1951 Rivers had the first of eleven annual solo exhibitions
(Except 1955) with Tibor de Nagy Gallery. In that time, Rivers
experienced great success. That success continued with Marlborough Gallery.

Both the Estate and Foundation thank Marlborough Gallery for their many years of dedication and support.

Moving (too fast) towards the 7th year since Larry’s passing, opportunities continue to develop every day. Our decisions often rely heavily on Rivers own unique vision. These recent changes are no exception. Larry proved so many times in his career that one could effectively look to the past, while keeping a focused eye on the future. We have embraced this philosophy and are optimistic about our renewed affiliation with the very knowledgeable, creative and enthusiastic team at Tibor de Nagy Gallery.

August 09 - October 19 2008

Guild Hall Museum Exhibition:
LARRY RIVERS: Major Early Works

August 9th - October 19th
Gala Preview Friday, August 8th - 5:30 – 7 pm

Guild Hall wanted to do a Larry Rivers exhibition six years ago after he passed away. It took time for it to happen but it's here. With works coming in from major museums this exhibition offers a rare opportunity to view some of Rivers early masterpieces together, in an intimate venue, only a few miles from where many of the works were created.

You will see:
Double Portrait of Berdie
Frank O’Hara, Nude with Boots
The Greatest Homosexual
Dutch Masters III
The Last Civil War Veteran
And many more…

If you’ve never seen the 30 foot colossal construction “The History of the Russian Revolution From Marx to Mayakovsky”, this is a rare opportunity to view it up close, in a room not much larger than the actual work.

The Larry Rivers Foundation wants to thank Guild Hall for their dedication to providing the finest exhibitions. We also want to extend our sincere appreciation for the hard work that went into assembling this unique exhibition.

September 6, 2007

The Larry Rivers Foundation is proud to announce that we have recently been awarded a Grant through the Avant-Garde Masters program funded by The Film Foundation and administered by the NFPF to preserve the film “TITS”.

 “The first film I made after my African adventure was a documentary on breasts. As the film evolved, it grew to include the chests of Mongolian wrestlers and women of all ages, their bodies and thoughts on their bodies, and many men, including my twenty-four-year-old son Steven, wearing falsies on his hairy chest in questof the perfect bosom. Even the milk bags and udders of cows, dogs, and sheep found their way into the film, which I called TITS, and which couldn’t have been a redder flag to flap during the cultural wave of feminism.” – Larry Rivers

Larry Rivers’ contributions to the development of avant-garde filmmaking are expansive and yet still not fully realized.  In 1971, just before the premiere of his film “TITS” the controversial Rivers was making waves… again. At the height of the feminist movement, the Village Voice determined that printing an advertisement for the premiere of “TITS” at the bleeker street theater, might offend women. In a debate with the Village Voice, Rivers argues against the idea that the title of his film might be objectionable.  The Voice refused to print the title for the premier, even as Rivers pointed out sections in their publication that use far more potentially objectionable language.

In 1971, engaging in pre-screening controversies was considered commercial suicide, today it’s a standard Hollywood technique employed to create a buzz and sell tickets.

The Larry Rivers Foundation is honored to receive this award from the National Film Preservation Foundation. With the backing of the NFPF, we will now be able to preserve this important work on film. With a newly preserved film, we will be able to make  “TITS”  a 21st century compatible work by generating a master beta cam tape from which we can create DVD copies to be used for screenings, educational and scholarly purposes. 

January 20, 2007

The Larry Rivers Foundation working in accord with long time friend Sandro Manzo of Galleria d’arte Il Gabbiano in Rome, Italy is proud to loan images from some of Rivers great works to serve as set design for the Teatro di San Carlo’s production of Leonard Bersteins Candide.

The Board of Directors for the Larry Rivers Foundation, wants to take this opportunity to thank Sandro Manzo, Giaocchino Lanza Tomasi and the entire Teatro Di San Carlo production company for having the wisdom, and vision to marry the art of two great friends.

In the frame of their respective life times, Leonard Bernstein and Larry Rivers were not able to directly collaborate on a major work, but through the stamina of their art, and the continuing interest of visionaries like Giaocchino Lanza, Bernstein and Rivers have come to know a new partnership, proving that life is for the moment and art is eternal. It’s in this spirit of the moment that we applaud this collaborative effort. We encourage everyone to view clips from the production and enjoy the timeless art of Candide.

View some pictures and clips from the production:

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